Mutiny Within Album 3 is here!

Well, we did it!


11 months ago this was just a fun idea.

“Hey, let’s do a 3rd record”… “How are we going to do this?” …  “WHY are we going to do this?” …”WHO IS GOING TO PLAY THE KEYBOARD???!!!”

Clearly these questions were all soon answered. We took on more roles within the band, tried our best to make time in our lives, worked out the logistics of recording a record in 3 states and 2 countries with near zero budget and embarked upon the journey to create “Mutiny Within III”.

It all started with the idea of reworking some unfinished songs and demos into an EP, mainly due to time restraints in our lives. But when we got started, we made more time and we wanted to write different songs. “What would Mutiny Within sound like in 2016?”. Our plan then changed to writing brand new songs. Over the next 11 months, the songs were written, scrapped, replaced, changed, re-written, recorded and re-recorded until we were happy. Somewhere along the way, the EP turned into an album and as I write this on December 9th, my phone is loaded up with our brand new, full length, 3rd album and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished.



It’s a simple title and the thought behind the record was simple. Let’s go back to what we and everyone else loved about our debut record and have some fun. No labels, no pressure and most of all, no rules. If we liked it, it stayed. The crazy parts, the infectious melodies, the shred, the effects…. THE KEYBOARDS!!! Having the artistic freedom to have a xylophone followed by a blast beat. A catchy vocal melody followed by all out drum, guitar and keyboard hell… that was what Mutiny Within was always about. Good songwriting in an environment where anything goes and this album has that in heaps.

Fans matter. We do listen.

If it wasn’t for our fans wanting new music, we probably wouldn’t have done it. It’s that simple.  We all have regular day jobs and finding the time to put this record together has been tough to say the least. You guys asked us to bring the keyboards back, we’ve done that, you wanted longer songs, some more progressive elements, we’ve done that too and a whole lot more.

But once more, we did it!

Thanks to the remaining 4 active band members, AJ, Chris, Bill and myself Dan, and more importantly, thanks to everyone of you out there who continues to support us to this day.

Some of you have followed us for years. Some for days. Some of you won’t know who we are as I’m writing this and It doesn’t matter. We thank you for being part of what we do and thank you for keeping our music alive.

This record is a team effort. So a big thanks to you all!